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Kathleen Brown Member Spotlight – February 8

The Trusteeship members gathered for an exceptional Member Spotlight featuring The Honorable Kathleen Brown who was interviewed by our own Patt Morrison of the Los Angeles Times at Il Cielo restaurant in Beverly Hills.

With Patt’s expert interviewing skills, we learned what it was like growing up in a successful California political dynasty. We also learned about Kathleen’s various chapters of her life and career as well as the insights she has gained from each of her roles from being elected to the Los Angeles City Board of Education in 1975 to California State Treasurer in 1990. It was a great evening and we wish all Trusteeship members could have been there.

Additionally, as we all suspected, Kathleen shared that her mother was the true powerhouse behind the family’s political success….which all of us understood and could relate to.

All in all, this was a great night!

LEF Awards Luncheon – February 3

This year the LEF Board of Directors has selected two prominent women leaders who are making a global difference: Neema Namadamu & Razia Jan.

The 1st Luncheon was held on February 3rd! The second luncheon will take place on May 12th… stay tuned for details.

The Leadership and Education Fund Presented the first Meredith MaCrae Empowerment Award To Neema Namadamu at this lovely luncheon held at Diana Ingram’s home.

The Meredith MacRae Empowerment Award recognizes prominent women humanitarian leaders who are changing lives around the globe through innovative and results-driven work.

CRITERIA FOR AN AWARDEES: Impact on the lives of others, especially women or girls Has had international influence Any specific impact in the United States


Meet Neema Namadamu.

Neema is the founder of Maman Shujaa, a powerful women-led initiative that uses digital media to amplify the voices of women demanding peace in eastern Congo.

Neema was born and raised in a remote village in eastern Congo. She was stricken by polio at age two – an illness that left her physically disabled. Although facing incredible challenges, Neema refused to be limited by physical and geographical barriers. She became the first women with a disability to graduate college in Congo, and the second woman from her tribe to graduate from Congo’s national university.

Neema first used media to advocate for change as a young adult. In the eleventh grade, she initiated a one-hour weekly radio show to raise awareness and promote the rights of persons with disabilities in rural eastern Congo – a calling inspired by her own experience living with a disability. In 2011, Neema established Go Network, a national telecommunications company dedicated to connecting, informing and empowering women in eastern Congo. Go Network also serves to better connect Congo’s women to the national and international community.

In July 2012, Neema’s 25-year old daughter was brutally beaten by government soldiers near their home in Bukavu, eastern Congo. This incident, coupled with the ongoing conflict in eastern Congo, launched Neema to action for peace in Congo – she established the Maman Shujaa Media Center. The Maman Shujaa Media Center provides digital and internet literacy training to women living in eastern Congo. The women use this training to effectively share their stories – especially their desire for peace – with a broad online audience, garnered through WordPulse. Since its inauguration, the Maman Shujaa Media Center has become an internationally recognized voice for peace in eastern Congo.

Neema is also founder of the Congolese Association for the Liberation and Development of the Disabled Woman (ALCODEMHA), an NGO that connects disabled Congolese seamstresses with international garment designers and distributors. She has been a correspondent for WorldPulse since 2012.

Annual Celebration – New Member Reception – January 23

The 2018 Annual Celebration – New Member Reception was one word:  A M A Z I N G!  Thanks to Martha De Laurentiis whose beautiful home lent itself to the perfect elegant background where all 70+ members ate, drank, laughed and welcomed our new members into The Trusteeship. Martha, we can’t thank you enough for providing such a lovely atmosphere to what became an “electric” evening.

We can’t say enough about our slate of new members! Wow, what an impressive group of leaders and we hope all will reach out to them and welcome to The Trusteeship as the year rolls out.

Rosters were passed out at the party and for those who were not in attendance, your roster will be mailed to you soon.

WCCW at The Huntington Library – January 13

The Trusteeship gathered at The Huntington Library for a special curated all women art exhibition with an exclusive talk by the Women’s Center for Creative Work (WCCW) Co-founders Kate Johnston and Sarah Williams including The Huntington curator of photography, Jenny Watts, for a tour of their new exhibition: “Collection/s: WCCW /five at The Huntington”.

We began our day with a bite in The Huntington’s beautiful Tea Room where the WCCW team will discussed their show followed by our semi-private tour!

Kate spoke about the WCCW’s concept of feminism in a very inclusive, beautiful narrative explaining: We like to say that there are many different ways to be a feminist, indeed, we often refer to feminisms at the WCCW, as a way to acknowledge the many different ways in which people can engage with the idea.

On Saturday I spoke of feminists as those who are working to destroy the patriarchy. As a way to unpack that statement a little bit, I really like bell hook’s definition of a feminist, which is a person who wants liberation from sexist role patterns, domination, and oppression for all people, regardless of gender.

All in all, it was a beautiful event!


2017 Holiday Parties – December

The Trusteeship planned 8 holiday parties to take place in the month of December….then the fires and mudslides came leaving our sisters in Santa Barbara with delays to their holiday fun. The Santa Barbara holiday party has been rescheduled to January 26th and it may be changed again due to the horrible circumstances there. Stay tuned.

Some of the of the feedback we received from the parties put a smile on our faces….that is what The Trusteeship is truly about….life, love, laughter!

After all my worrying every one agreed they love that there were so few of us. We had great discussions (sexual harassment a prime topic plus the Alabama election and the changes in the Trusteeship membership , to name a few) and they stayed at the dinner table till after 9:30.
All that worry for nothing.
Ann Reiss Lane

A belated thank you for the amazing Hanukkah Dinner for our group on Thursday evening. Every part of the evening was P-E-R-F-E-C-T! From the amazing Hanukkah decorations throughout your home, having a Menorah for each of us to light, to having Ygal sing the prayers to us when he arrived, it was a joyous evening. I learned so many new things about the history of Hanukkah (Didn’t know it is a tradition to honor teachers and why the connection to the dreidels). Your collections of dreidels and silver wine goblets are amazing, and the hand painted Hanukkah plates were breathtaking. As Mary so aptly pointed out, the Cheese Souffles were incredible and perfectly delicious. And I’m so happy you had each of us introduce ourselves and tell about first Trusteeship Connection. And Sherri, having you go last and giving your impressions was very touching to me – and I think you now know why each of us feels so special about The Trusteeship. There is nothing like it. So sorry that Frieda, Kelly and Martha could not join us. Much love to all, and Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!
Karen Caplan

It was a very beautiful, enjoyable and meaningful celebration. Great to meet new members and see old members.

Thank you for being fabulous guests!!
Joy and love to you all!
Linda Lang

And biggest thanks to you for hosting all of us. Love your new home and all of your Christmas decorations – especially the Santa’s. Dinner was yummy and gift exchange as always memorable. Wonderful spending time with the best group of women in San Diego. Love to all and again thanks to Linda. Nikki

What a fantastic night and all of you made it so memorable and enjoyable. Thank you all.
Shelley Zimmerman

Thank you for being a wonderful host! It was a fabulous evening! I am so happy to be part of this group.
Martha G

Thank you for hosting us to a wonderful evening on Tuesday. It was such a festive celebration with great champagne and wine selections, delicious soup and entrees, your specialty trifle desert, and a Rockefeller Center worthy Christmas trees I’ve seen. Everything was beautiful and you entertained us so well. We will have so many memories from this evening – your inviting Sara to perform for us; to our own Dale joining her in a duet, next a solo and piano accompaniment; to your story about your trifle recipe. My favorite part though was when you accompanied Dale on flute! How often do we get to have both spontaneous piano and flute performances! It was a wonderful time and you are a great host. Beth – we loved meeting you. Welcome to The Trusteeship! Thank you, Julie! I wish we could have stayed all night. Happy holidays to all.

Ditto! A lovely party and a pleasure to see you all.
And Miriam thanks for the photos; the flute-piano duo one is wonderful.
Enjoy the holidays.

Thank you all for coming and making the evening bright. The election news got us off to a great start. Loved hearing everyone’s telling their stories and joining the chorus topped by Dale bringing down the house with her solo finale.
It was a very happy time. Thank you all for making it so. Thank you for the photos, Miriam.

Dear all,
Thank you so much for welcoming me into the Trusteeship and to this lovely dinner party hosted by Julie. I very much look forward to future events and conversations. In the meantime, I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons.

Thank you Carla, for a lovely dinner and conversation.
Happy Holidays everyone,

Carla, it was such a treat to see your amazing home. What a setting, and what a beautiful job you and Adam have done with your renovation. Thanks to you and Kathy for a delicious dinner! It was such a cozy evening with a wonderfully compatible group of accomplished women. Just a delightful way to spend an evening.
Wishing you all a joy filled holiday season!

Thank you, Carla, for a wonderful dinner party. It’s always great to hear the awesome things everyone’s up to. The house is already spectacular and will be even more so when finished!
Looking forward to seeing everyone in January at the new members’ reception.

Party Dates:

  • Thursday, December 7
    Hostesses: Carla Christofferson & Kathy Goodman
    Studio City
  • Tuesday, December 12
    Hostess: Julie Corman
    Santa Monica
  • Wednesday, December 13 (FULL)
    Hostess: Stacy Phillips
    Beverly Hills
  • Wednesday, December 13
    Hostess: Ann Reiss Lane
    Los Angeles
    (Hancock Park)
  • Thursday, December 14
    Hostess: Sheila Sonnenshine
    Laguna Beach
    Thursday, December 14
    Hostess: Linda Lang
    Rancho Santa Fe
  • Tuesday, December 19 (FULL)
    Hostesses: Maureen Kindel, Susan Rice, Carolyn Denham & Jane Olson
    California Club
    Los Angeles
  • Thursday, January 26
    Hostesses: Sara Miller McCune
    & Dorothy Largay
    Location to come

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There are no upcoming events at this time.


IWF Conferences

Melbourne, Australia: May 2-4, 2018 – IWF Cornerstone Conference

Miami, Florida: October 24-26, 2018 – IWF World Leadership Conference

Barcelona, Spain: April 2019 – IWF Cornerstone Conference

Toronto, Canada: November 13-15, 2019 – IWF World Leadership Conference

Vienna, Austria: May 2020 – IWF Cornerstone Conference

Detroit, Michigan: October 7-9, 2020 – IWF World Leadership Conference


“Imagine an enriching experience and rare opportunity to meet, learn from, and share time with a college president, a top TV or movie producer, an artist, an author, a politician, a business or philanthropic leader, to name a few. That’s the magic of The Trusteeship. Friendships and support when life has dealt you a setback are added — precious gifts.”

– Caroline